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Learn how the information superhighway can shift your writing and speaking career into high gear-- whether you are an Internet expert or novice.
To the professional or prospective speaker or writer, skilled use of the Internet can mean the difference between a ho-hum career and brilliant success. In, you'll find all the information you need to tap into--and get the most out of--this vital resource. Discover:

  • Key listings of top Web sites relevant to your craft

  • Instruction on how to effectively use the Internet for yourself

  • Guidance in using e-mail, mailing lists, chat rooms, and newsgroups for promotion and research

  • Insights into doing online research and using Internet search engines

  • Information for specific markets

  • and much more!

From choosing equipment to marketing your work online, Carmen Leal's comprehensive guide covers every subject you need to understand in order to harness the power of the Internet, strengthen your professional image, and perfect your craft.

Mary Westheimer, CEO of says,

"If a writer and speaker could only have one book on the Internet, this is it! As a writer, speaker and the CEO of the Net's largest publishing community, I'm really impressed with author Carmen Leal's personable, readable and comprehensive coverage of how and why the Net works. It was almost like consulting a trusted friend -- who also happens to be an Internet expert. Add in the remarkable collection of site addresses -- especially the Living Links! -- and you have a resource all writers and speakers should have on their bookshelves."

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